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Maple Sugar
and Chunks

These fine maple sugar crystals blend perfectly with other ingredients in commercial mixes, dissolve easily in beverages, and are ideal for powdering desserts. Chunks can be used as garnish or to blend into ice cream, yogurt, chocolate, and more.

Box with plastic liner

Box with plastic liner

19.8 lb / 9 kg
178.2 oz

A red and a green stylized maple leaf surrounded with the text Pure, Tasty, Natural
Available in Premium or Organic versions

Maple Sugar Ultrafine

Maple Sugar #1-#2 Fine

Maple Sugar # 3 Granulated

Maple Chunks #1-#2

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A red stylized maple leaf surrounded by the text Pure, Tasty, and Natural.

Premium maple sugar

Coming from one of Canada’s primary natural and renewable resources, our maple sugar makes for the perfect addition to recipes. From epicurean classics to the trendiest of cocktails, it will keep your customers coming back for more.

A green stylized maple leaf surrounded by the text Pure, Tasty, Natural and Organic.

Organic maple sugar

Citadelle’s producers can easily adapt their processes to comply with strict organic production criteria. This regulates how the maple grove is maintained, how the sap is collected, and how the equipment is sanitized with certified organic products.

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