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Our Process

Discover how Citadelle’s innovative methods can add value to your business.

There are no higher quality standards than Citadelle’s when it comes to maple syrup production. Our skilled producers follow the most stringent guidelines to transform our forests’ sap into the purest liquid gold.

Our excellence is your success

Creating high-quality products and ensuring your own clients’ satisfaction is our top priority.

Balancing quality with quantity

Every year, we extract sap from over 7 million Canadian maple trees using cutting-edge technologies. We then heat and bottle the syrup at a high temperature, which ensures we obtain only the purest maple syrup on a large scale.


Our expertise begins in the forest, where our agronomist assists producers in the extraction and processing of sap. We then select only the highest-grade products, to guarantee consistent flavour and quality in every drop of maple syrup we produce.

Stable supply

Citadelle is the only maple syrup producer using stainless steel tanks. Each year, we store over 2.7 million litres (710,000 gallons) of product under optimal conditions, allowing our clients to get a constant supply of certified 100% pure maple syrup year-round.

100% Traceability

Transparency is paramount in the food industry. Our advanced lot numbering system follows our products throughout each production stage, from the sugar bush where we sourced our maple syrup to each individual bottle.

Setting new standards

Your customers deserve the best—and only the best.

At Citadelle, we have an entire R&D team dedicated to innovation. We are devoted to finding new ways of achieving excellence by optimizing existing methods for producing, storing, and packaging maple syrup. We also strive to help our clients develop exciting new products to meet their most ambitious needs.


We are proud to meet the highest possible industry standards, as proven by our global certifications.

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